I got off

I got off work on Friday and went running and rode my elliptical bike for a couple of hours. After that got boring, I met The Brandon, Kristi, Polk, and Jess at Webb's for an awesome BBQ beef sandwich and a couple huge beers. We went our separate ways and I went home and did some sittin' around.

Saturday I had just gotten back from my jog to hear my phone ringing. It was Alan, asking me to head next door for French Toast. How could I refuse an offer like that? We watched some cartoons, some Full House, and ate some. Then Alan went to get a new cell phone and I tagged along to see the new ones I haven't seen in person yet.

I left and ran some errands and cleaned a little and did some laundry and other fun stuff. Louis CK was that night, but I was hungry and tried to track down someone to eat dinner with. I came up empty handed. Thankfully Polk called and asked if I wanted to meet up before the show. We went to Donnelly's and I got some chicken wings.

Louis CK was awesome. It was much less PG-13 than I expected, since his Comedy Central special was really family friendly. I think the funniest parts were the jokes he told about living with his wife. I could relate.

Yesterday I ate lunch with my parents and Angie, then took a trip to Menard's to pick up a new faucet and towel racks for my bathroom. In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be redoing that beast of a room. I didn't know how inexpensive a new sink and counter top would be, so I'm going to be getting new ones of those too.

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing in particular. And that was my weekend.

I had planned to launch more talk and memories about Valentines, but this post has gotten way too long. Another day. Or maybe later today, depending on how much work I have.

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