I got this

I got this mailer in the... um... mail the other day, promising me a $100 Wal-Mart gift card to listen to a presentation about the benefits of replacement windows. Ignoring the fact that I plan on replacing the windows and even if I wasn't, my uncle owns a couple window companies around the area and my cousin owns a couple more, I just really want a free $100. I figure if the salesman pulls out the big guns and hard sell, I can whip out the "my uncle owns a window company" line and get my gift card.

Anyway, so I was calling to redeem this mailer I got and some very nice, but kind of slow, Southern lady was helping me. I told her my name was Tim, and she replied "I'm sorry, you're not on my list. I have a Timothy..." I thought she was kidding. I explained to her that Tim was simply an abbreviation for Timothy, and I'm still not sure that she bought this explanation.

And finally, in the "too much information" file... I think the thing I miss the most about dieting (with the exception of buffalo wings) is taking really big dumps. I love to poop.

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