I got home

I got home yesterday and had a message from Fabish on my answering machine. That never happens. He's not the calling type, you see. He likes to be called. Anyway, he was inviting me to dinner, so I couldn't say no. We went to a Mexican restaurant where we talked about his future wife, my lack of a future wife, and the plans to move in together. Afterwards we were just going to go back to my place, drink some beer, watch a movie, something boring like that. But as we were heading back, we saw Steph getting off the interstate. I sped up and passed her while honking and flashing my lights like an idiot. She looked really freaked out.

She followed us back to my place and invited us to a movie. They were going to see Family Man, which I really wanted to see. Fabish hates Nicholas Cage with a passion, so he decided against going. I felt bad just dropping Fabish off, so I told him I'd go see a different movie with him, and we'd meet the rest of the group afterwards.

So, me, Fabish, and Steph saw Vertical Limit while Angie, Marissa, and Marie saw Family Man. That worked out nicely. After the movie we stood around in the lobby like idiots for 15 minutes trying to decide what we were doing next, when finally we all just decided to go to our respective houses.

Then I went home, painted a few hours, and went to sleep.

I had a weird dream last night though. Now, for those of you not in-the-know, Fabish and Steph used to date. Fabish has done a slightly better job of moving on than Steph has, although she's made leaps and bounds lately. So, in this dream Fabish was marrying his future wife, Christina. I was throwing a party for him, since I throw parties for everyone these days. I was his best man. During the services, I couldn't take my eyes off Steph, who looked like she was about to cry. Then there was the party where much drinking followed. Fabish and Christina excused themselves and Steph started crying her eyes out. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn't let me. She stood up and I stood up to give her a hug. I opened my arms, and she hit me square in the stomach and ran away. Angie called me a jerk and ran after her.

I have no idea what any of this means.

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