I got home

I got home last night and listened to my answering machine. I had one message from Brice. It said something like "Yeah, I was just wondering.. if you're gonna be in this part of town tonight, I was wondering if you could drop off my CDs and DVDs I loaned you. Thanks." I thought this was a weird message, as if we were breaking up or something. It had been a while since I'd hung out with Brice, so my tolerance level was back up to an acceptable point. I invited him to East Peoria to see if I could find the "Auto Mall". Unfortunately I try to avoid East Peoria like the plague and I had no idea where the Auto Mall was. So, we drove around for quite a while before giving up.

I feel so bad for the kid. I don't really feel especially comfortable in posting what he told me for the whole world to see, but the poor guy is in a world of hurt and doesn't know how to get out of it. I kept saying the wrong things, and I know my jokes made him feel worse. He just felt so sorry for himself, and I hate it when people do that. Finally I broke down and started yelling at him. I just told him to snap out of it, and that he DID have friends, but he just annoyed the shit of them. Just because someone is your friend doesn't mean you have to see them every single day. I don't see my friends every single day, and they don't see me. Brice just doesn't ever leave you alone, so people get sick of him. My tolerance level for the kid is really high, and I'm pretty far over the edge right now.


So, me and Brice drove around East Peoria for a good 45 minutes to no avail, gave up, and ate at KFC. It was gross. I went home and started painting. I got a lot accomplished, actually. Dave called at about 9:30 asking if he could come over. I said he could, but probably should have said no. It distracted me enough that I got out of my mode, and dropped my paintbrush, full of paint, right onto one of the finished sections of the painting. To make matters worse, it was black paint. To make them even more worse, I dropped it right onto the only light section of the painting, that contained mostly yellows, light oranges, and white. It will take many many layers to correct.

Damn it.

Well, he basically just wanted me to buy him beer, which I did. Then he went on his way. And then I ate some Smarties and went to sleep. And that was my night.

And now I have a new anonymous person posting comments in my journal about Pearl Jam. I think we need more of that.

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