I got home

I got home last night and cleaned up the mess my party had created. It was great fun.

At my New Years party, a guy showed up named Alan. He's a friend of a friend... we get along really well, but have never really hung out together. Well, at my party we were talking about apartments and moving out, and how we could both afford to live alone, but it would be nice to save a couple hundred bucks a month with a roommate. Well, I told him he could move in if he wanted. I meant it, but never thought he would take me up on it. He called last night asking when he could move in. I told him Saturday would be good. So, it looks like I'll be getting a roommate. It should be really cool... Alan is a good guy, and maybe he'll bring over some hot chicks for me. Plus we both make quite a bit and will be living really cheap, so we should be able to afford all sorts of cool toys.

Later in the evening Mullens and Angie came over, made dinner, then we watched Loser. I went to bed early.

I haven't drank beer since New Years.

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