I got my cell phone back last night.

Last night I had 2 cars in Peoria. My old Graytona and my new Jeep. I had to deliver my Graytona back to my parents, but getting back to my place wasn't figured out yet. Luckily, I'm a genius and figured this whole thing out.

Fabish bought a car from my dad, who seems to be selling all my friends cars now. It was still at my parent's house. So, I was going to drive me and Fabish out to my parent's, leave the Graytona, pick up the Rustang, and go back home. Done and done.

While out at my house, we decide to stop by Fabish's parent's house for some food. We eat some shrimp (even though we could have gotten wings from Garner's for $3/lb.) and peas and a potato.

I went back to my place and checked my machine. I had a message from Amanda.

Now, you may remember Amanda from that nurses party I had at my place for Angie. She was the one who kept jamming her tongue in my mouth and tried to sleep with me. Anyway, since that party, my cell phone has been missing. I don't really want to get into the big long story of what I had to do to track it down, but it doesn't matter anyway. She was the one who took it.

Her roommates tell me that when she drinks, she totally blacks out and doesn't remember anything. I think she saw my cell phone on the counter and took it, thinking it was hers. She made 2 phone calls, totaling $0.48, then kept the phone for more than a month. Then she drove it back to me and dropped it off. Hardly anything a criminal would do.

Plus she was wearing glasses when she dropped it off, and looked very cute. I thought about inviting her in again.

Later Mullens and Angie came over, and we watched Temptation Island, drank beer, ate pizza, then when Alan came home, I left and he entertained them til they left. Whenever that was.

Tonight was supposed to be the night I went out with Barb. Instead, I will be cleaning out my Camaro and getting her ready to sell. If I get done early enough, I'll be going to see What Women Want with Angie, who has been wanting to see that movie forever now. And that's it.

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