I got my Jeep.

I got my Jeep. It's a '97 Wrangler Sahara, the top of the line.

I made the decision and everything involved with it in a matter of a few hours. It was a nutty morning yesterday. I was on the phone to Rockford, my dad, my bank, everything. Finally I got everything worked out in the nick of time, and ran up to Rockford. I picked up my beautiful, beautiful Jeep. It's not yellow, unfortunately, but it's black, which is my 2nd favorite color on Jeeps.

So, I got the Jeep back to Peoria at a little after 10. I went over to Angie's to show it to her, but she wasn't there. Instead I talked to Laura for a while, which was good.

I went home and went to sleep. There was another party right above my bedroom, again, but I was tired enough to sleep through this one. I would wake up briefly when something really loud happened, but then just go right back to sleep.

I had to break my plans with Barb on Thursday, since that day will be spent cleaning up the Camaro for her sale on Saturday. Poor Cammy.

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