I got my new computer.

I was tracking my packages online a little too frequently last night, but saw that they had been delivered to my parent's place (I have them delivered there because they'll leave them on the porch without a signature, but if no one was there to sign for them at my place, they'd take them back to the FedEx place and I'd have to pick them up there). So anyway, they were delivered and I ran out to their place after work to get them, and came back and started the assembly process.

This is my third computer, and it's certainly the most Frankensteinish of the bunch. I took a hard drive from here, a CD Rom drive from there, and threw them all together. The result is 2 working computers, one stupidly fast, one kind of sort of fastish. I could get the third to work with a few hours work and $50 worth of parts, but it would be really slow, so why bother?

The computers I've assembled in the past all have very easy processors to put in, but this one is a little more complicated and I don't feel confident enough to do it myself, so I'm waiting for Brian to come and finish the job for me.

Later in the evening KJ stopped by and we hung out, ate some cereal, watched some TV, drank some beer, and then he left and I went back to my computer nonsense.

I also seriously messed up our internet connection. Oops. Since last night at around 6, our apartment is internet-less. That also should be fixed by this evening.

In other news, Friday night I'm eating at my parent's for my sister's late birthday celebration. For her birthday, she asked that I take the family out to see "The Others". I said sure, but Robert backed out because he said it looked too freaky. Pansy. I don't know if my parents will take up on the offer, but if not, this will be a cheap birthday present.

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