I got one

I got one trick or treator last night... a ninja. If my cup was half empty, I would say that all my candy went to waste. But, my cup is half full, and the bright side is that I have a bunch of candy I can eat by myself.

Fabish took me to Hometown Buffet for dinner... he won 2 free passes a few weeks ago and I had been looking forward to the day for quite some time. Dinner was good... we ate a ton.

After that we came home and drank some beers and watched some scary movies on TV. The remake of the Blob was on... Fabish and I used to watch that movie as a kid on parent's Betamax VCR. Good stuff.

I am working a lot, and I am happy. Go Tim.

Tonight I'm supposed to go with some of the guys from Iona to see Zoolander. I'm really looking forward to it... Rob, Matt, and Andrew will be there. Not the cool kids, mind you, but still cool guys. We're into the same things. It will be nice to talk to someone about Flash and 3D animation and ActionScript and have them know what I'm talking about. I miss that about going into work, I guess. Pretty much no one I know fully understands what I do, and if they do, they don't really have an active interest in it, or know much about it. Ah well. Now I know how my dad feels when he tries to talk to me about Psychology or how Fabish feels when he talks about sports.

Ever see that one episode of Northern Exposure where Whats-her-face meets a guy and flies him in to see Joel, because then Joel will have someone to talk to about medical things and being a doctor or whatever? Yeah, it's like that. I guess.

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