I guess I

I guess I haven't been doing too well with this posting thing either. The weekend went by in a blaze, and not much happened that needs reportin'. Friday Angie and I watched some episodes of Lost, which got me completely hooked. We also went to Applebee's with her mom and started a puzzle, because we're young party animals.

Saturday I hit RibFest with Alan, Nathan, Jenny, and some dude. The ribs were excellent. Then we went to Martini's and had some drinks before I called it a night.

Sunday I had lunch with the family, including Jack and Peter, at Avanti's, followed by a whole lotta nothin' for the rest of the day. Yesterday I watched Kung Fu Hustle, which was friggin' ridiculously awesome and sweet. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did when the screw ups were trying to throw their knives at the landlord lady. Well, sometimes I laugh harder at America's Funniest Home Videos, but still.

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