I had the

I had the best of intentions last night that completely fell through when I couldn't get a hold of the one person I needed to get a hold of. I'd pumped myself up all day for the night, only to spend it sitting on the couch waiting for a phone call and for Real World/Road Rules Challege: Battle of the Sexes 2. Such is life.

But speaking of the Challenge, wasn't it awesome how excited the girls were to win their 3rd competition (out of 15), only because the boys threw it? Watching the scenes of the guys talking behind their backs about how they threw it was hilarious. The highlight of the season so far.

Thanks to Blandon for use of my old employer's basement to do some mounting last night. I completely forgot to pay for it. How much do I owe for the huge piece of foam core?

Now I know what a TV dinner feels like. - John McClane, Die Hard

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