I had dinner

I had dinner with the family on Saturday night, and let me just say that Jack is absolutely the cutest kid in the world. Peter is a close second, and becoming way more like a person every day instead of a silly baby. At one point he was laying on the ground on his belly and would smile really big when Winnie was close by, and the smile would fade as she walked away. He would even spin around on his belly to keep Winnie in his sight for as long as possible. Once as she walked by, he grabbed her tags that were dangling on her collar and she dragged him for a couple feet before he let go. He then started giggling and looking around to see if anyone saw it. Adorable.

That night we got pizza and beer and played cards and watched some movies and had a fantastic, cheap time with good friends and good conversation. Like old times, when we were all mostly single without all that crap in life that has gotten in the way of just having a good time all the time.

Sunday I took Angie's car door apart and found the broken parts, but with it being Sunday and not knowing what to call the part that needed replacing, I was unable to finish the task. Instead, we went to Sam's and got some various bulk materials we needed. The rest of the day I just wasted time until the Sundae Sunday or Sunday Sundae or whatever party. It was a smashing good time, and I was even able to resist the urge to eat until vomiting. Amazing.

Fact: Every single one of my aunts and uncles is on their second marriage. My parents are the only ones that have stayed together.

Memory: In high school, Mullens and I were out way too late on a school night. It was probably around midnight and we were in his crappy Mustang in the middle of a parking lot that was entirely iced over. We'd get going at a pretty good speed, then slam the brakes and turn the wheel and let the car go crazy on the ice until it stopped. It was fun and kept us amused for hours. We finally stopped because Mullens launched the car a bit faster than we had before. It started spinning and going nuts and we were sliding straight into a light post at a pretty good speed. Mullens hit the brakes, the gas, and turned the steering wheel a bit with no results. He then looked at me and said, completely calm "I hope we don't hit that post." I nodded. We stopped a couple of feet from the pole.

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