I had just

I had just gotten back from my jog last night when Alan called me asking if I wanted to play badmitton. Of course, I couldn't refuse. Jenny and Ben were already there, and of course so was Emily. So I cracked open a beer and played some one-handed badmitton.

Once it got cold, we moved the party inside where we played poker for drinks. At 8 we headed down to Jimmy's and spent a few hours there.

Anyway, it was good times but I realized today I forgot to eat dinner. That's probably why I feel less hungover and more just wiped out today. The office doesn't serve breakfast on Friday, so I stopped by the gas station on my way to work and hunted for something at least a little less unhealthy than other food. Thank God they were out of the chocolate pudding pies. I ended up on a little can of Pringles.

Tonight I get to see Polk again after a Polkless couple of weeks. It's a happy day.

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