I had a

I had a funnish night last night. I went out to a few bars with Fabish, KJ, and Callahan. I ran into quite a few people I knew, and I drank beer. That's all it takes for me to have a good time.

I sent out a bill to one of my clients. I am having a stellar month. This month, I'll probably make more than I would have if I stayed at Iona. That's pretty remarkable in my second month into this freelancing thing, and it's all due to one guy in Florida who absolutely loves me. I've heard that all it takes to be an ultra-successful freelancer is 5 clients who really like you. Well, I have one now. That's a good thing.

Oh, here's a funny story. I was at a bar last night and ran into a guy I knew in gradeschool named Chris Tippet. Here's our conversation:

"So, Tim, do you still draw pictures?"
"Yeah, I sure do."
"Really? So what are you doing these days?"
"Well, I'm a freelance animator and illustrator. I do..."
"Cool! So where do you work?"
"I'm freelance, so..."
"Where is that? Is that in Peoria?"

Anyway, I thought it was really funny.

Everyone reading this should download "The Innocent" by Goldfinger/Mest/Good Charolette. Go. Now.

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