I hate Christmas

Okay, I've already lied in this here blog post. I love Christmas. I hate Christmas shopping. I hate the traffic, the parking lots, the long lines at the checkout, and especially the stress of having to pick out that 'perfect gift' for everyone on my list.

Yesterday after work I went to 4 stores, braved 4 crowded parking lots and the crowds... don't even get me started on the crowds. The result of my work is 1 gift. That I'm not even sure the recipient will like.

To cut down on my stress levels I'm going to be doing all my shopping online. Which means I have to start buying soon, as in now. Which means I need to figure out what everyone needs or wants. Which is a whole other stress.

Good times.

I know its cliche these days to say that businesses and corporations have ruined Christmas, but a big part of me believes that... just like the way "they've" ruined weddings. These events have slowly turned into huge events that cost a ton of money that most people would rather not participate in, but do it because that's just what people do. Ask most people over the age of 16, and most would rather not get Christmas presents if it means they don't have to buy them for others... and put me in that camp, too. It's nice in theory, but in reality what happens is you spend $50 on a present you're not sure the recipient will like, and in return you get a $50 present that may or may not be useful to you, but you've got to pretend to like it or you'll come across as rude. Wouldn't it just be better if everyone spent the $50 on themselves or gave it to charity or something?

Maybe next year I'll propose to everyone who may be getting me a present that they don't buy me anything, and we'll focus our energy and money on the kids... the only ones who really appreciate it anymore.

I'm done with my rant.

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