I have just

I have just inherited all of Wendy's tools, including a circular saw and electric sander, both of which I desperately needed. Awesome.

This weekend I did absolutely nothing. Fabish had a cook out, but I was still home by 8. Last night I watch Reign of Fire on Starz. That movie sure was awesome. I hate everyone who wouldn't see it with me when it was out in the theaters.

I emailed Brice about my trip to San Francisco. Since he lives in San Jose, I figured it was just a hop, skip, and jump away and we could meet up for lunch of dinner or something. He emailed back and said sure thing. I haven't talked to the kid in a long, long time. Almost 2 years now. So that's exciting. I like seeing old friends and catching up with them. Wolford, I'll be sure to give a full report on him, since I know you're best friends.

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