I have no

I have no reason to post, other than I want to keep up this amazing once a day habit I've got going here.

It's a shame I don't have more to update on. I barely leave the apartment anymore. It's good for bills, bad for my social life.

Today I went and looked at houses. I think buying a house will be better for me than buying a townhouse. With the exception of my utilities, it will be even cheaper than apartment living. You know what I figured out the other day? In the last 4 years, I've moved 5 times. When I was 18, I moved to Chicago. When I was 19, I moved back in with my parents for about a month before moving back to my 2nd place in Chitown. At 20 I moved back into my parent's again for about 5 months while working at Iona and at 21 I moved into my current apartment. At 22, I'll either move into my own place that I bought with my own money, or to some far away land... that has yet to be decided. Although I must say, the prospect of buying my own house is a good one... it will give me some equity... some stability with a career that is anything but stable.

I'm a bit worried about a house loan though. When you're self employed you need 2 years of back tax records for a loan. 2 years ago I was still in college.

I'm converting 13 Ghosts right now to watch later tomorrow or something. Tomorrow I also have a meeting at Iona. It was supposed to be at a time convenient enough for me to go eat lunch with the cool kids and be back in time for the meeting, but as it turns out isn't until 3 in the afternoon, so I guess I'll be missing the lunch. Ah well... maybe Fabish will pity my apartment dwelling ways and go out to lunch with me again.

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