I have no

I have no self control. Ever.

Okay, so I was at work yesterday and got an email from a friend, asking if the party for last night was still on. I had to think about it for a couple of minutes, but then I remembered. On my party on Saturday, this guy was asking me if I wanted to have a party there, where we'd just drink a couple of beers, then hit the bars in celebration of his 21st. I said sure, no problem, c'mon over. Well, I had completely forgotten that I had promised him that, and the email made me feel bad. I replied saying sure, c'mon over, but on account of me forgetting all week, don't expect a big group of people here or anything.

Well, he, his brother, and 2 friends of mine from high school ended up showing up. It was lame. We just watched a movie and drank some beer. At midnight he turned 21, so he wanted to be in a bar by then. I wanted to go, but I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in more than a week. When they left, I had to back out. I felt so bad. But, at least that was practicing some self control. I'll have to make it up to him somehow. Poor guy. My 21st sucked too, since no one was 21 yet. He at least had me, and I was too tired to go to the bars. Stupid me. Stupid bars. Stupid job that makes me wake up early. Stupid everything.

I also slept like shit last night. It was horrible. I like my room to be freezing cold, so I can put on like 8 blankets, but now my apartment is boiling hot. I guess they turned up the heat, on account of it being -200 degrees here in Peoria. But now it's steaming. I was sweating last night while watching TV.

Well, not really, but it's hot.

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