I have so little self control.

Yesterday I was going to stay home, unpack, set up, etc. I went back to my parent's place to pick up some essentials, then to my apartment. I unpacked, mounted my speaker wires to the wall, things like that. A friend called and said they were going to hit the bars for a while. I told him I wanted to set up, then just go to sleep early.

At first it worked. Then I got bored.

He called again at about 10:30, which was later than when I had planned on being in bed. He made a strong case, and I folded. I went out to the bars.

Here's another helpful hint from Tim. When you don't want to spend any money, pretend you don't have any. Now, I really didn't have any, but I had no idea how forgiving people would be to my situation. I walk in to get my wristband, he checks my ID and asks me for $1, for the cover. I just said "Ya know what, I don't even have a dollar... my friends are here, I'll go get..." but he cut me off, gave me my wristband and said "Fuck it dude."

Then people bought me beer all night. I also talked to the soccer players, which are like gods at Bradley. Didn't seem too cool to me though.

Tonight I'm going to Damen's with some friends, then back to my place to finish setting up. I will finish setting up tonight. I swear I will. I'm also going to sleep early, since my shower is getting installed at 7am tomorrow and I have to be awake to answer the door. Saturday is supposed to be my day off, and I have to get up early.

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