I haven't been

I haven't been sleeping much or sleeping well lately. Lots of stuff on my mind and lots of stuff to deal with, I guess. As a result, I've been groggy and disconnected and tired almost all the time. I just want 1 good night's sleep. I'm up to 3 or 4 hours now, up from the 1 or 2 hours from earlier this week.

Last night I had about 15 trick or treaters, including my nephew Jack, AKA, the cutest kid in the world. Jenny brought pirated copies of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cabin Fever, so we watched those and I struggled to keep my eyes open while Cabin Fever ended. That movie was lame. Then I ditched the brothers Polk and Neo in favor of my bed. And that was my night. It hardly felt like Halloween.

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