I haven't deserted the project yet...

For those on the edge of your seats with anticipation (okay, that describes no one reading this), I haven't given up on Project TIM. Just got a bit bored, as tends to happen with me and my new hobbies.

Still, a lot is going on behind the scenes. Security around the site has been beefed up a bit, every section of the site now reads from 1 standard config file, and it should be pretty darn easy to install on your own servers. In addition, I've added editing and deleting ability to the blog which, I know, should have been standard from the get-go.

ETA: I can't even begin to guess, although it shouldn't be much longer. All basic functionality I wanted is now present, and the script is a very good "starting point" for people who want to make their own modifications to it. I'll probably only have 1 main release, then list a bunch of code for modifications. I can't imagine the work it would take for me to release different versions of this thing. More work than I care to put into it, for sure.

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