I hope everyone

I hope everyone had a splendid St. Patty's Day. Mine was good. I started on my mural a bit on the early side, so that I could get it done quickly and go get some drinkin' done. I finished in record time, then made my way to Sully's to meet the gang. We didn't stay at Sully's long because of the crappy, ridiculously loud music.

We headed up to Jimmy's, where we met Brynn. It was packed when we got there, at about 10:30, but an hour later, there was pretty much no one left. At midnight, me and Alan headed down to Hoops but Angie and Brynn went home early like losers. Steph showed up later on, as did Emily and a bunch of people whose faces I knew, but not their names. A lot of people from high school were there too... Melissa Winchill, Brian Schafer, Richie Savage, etc. etc. Also, my "cousin" Craig was there. I'm not sure how we're related, but I'm pretty sure we're not cousins. I haven't seen him in many years. I'm surprised we recognized each other.

Richie was always a cool guy, but man, has he changed. He was talking about getting his masters in Philosophy, which spawned a number of conversations I didn't want to have with him. I kept trying to wiggle my way out of them and get back to talking about normal things, but he wasn't letting me. It came to a head when he was saying he was "pro-terrorism" just because most Americans aren't, as well as saying that we're Nazis and oppressors and yadda yadda. It was all lame and I wish I had never disagreed, because at one point he started calling me a bitch and screaming into my ear. A few seconds later, we were cool again and he was shaking my hand, apologizing. As we were leaving, he warned me to stop being condescending before telling me he was schizophrentic, however you spell it. So that was the excitement of the evening. The rest of the group I knew from high school were very cool, very mellow, and very glad to catch up. I don't know what's happened to Richie in the past couple years.

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