I just looked

I just looked at the date. I lose track of the days sometimes... Jerry from Iona called me today to schedule a meeting for Thursday, and I swear, I thought that TODAY was Thursday. Weekends have lost their meaning for me since I never really go out anymore, and when I do, it's usually on a Thursday. I work pretty consistently on time I shouldn't be working just to keep my mind off things, and prepare for the future, as I always tend to do for some reason. I suppose I should live in the present instead, and I do for short periods at a time. I just don't keep it up for some reason or another... I don't know why not.

I'm overly cautious sometimes, I guess.

But anyway, back to the real reason I noticed the date... it's the 14th, which means that my good buddy Mr. Bryan J. Wolford will be back in town for Turkey Day or something so I'll get to hang out with someone new and see a new face and have a new conversation for the first time in a long time. Maybe we can even schedule a meeting with Mr. Bryan J. Polk, even though I just saw him at the lame party.

I am getting very, very tempted to shave my head again. This hair stuff is for chumps.

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