I just quit

I just quit my fucking job. Go me.

Yes, you heard right. I've been talkin' all big and bad about just up and quitting for quite some time now, but today I actually did it.

I just got back from the second round of my evaluation. This time it was mainly me talking about complaints I had with the company and why I want to go freelance. The only questions I really had were how to handle the projects I had on my plate, as well as how to handle the vacation time I earned. I was relieved when he said that my earned vacation time was just that.... EARNED. So, he's not going to try and take it away from me. We discussed plans on timelines, and when I intended to finish my stay here, and how that fit into the timeline of the projects I was working on. We also talked about how to handle the work I had done for them, and if I could show it off as part of my portfolio without breaking any copyright laws between me and Iona, and Iona and our clients.

So anyhoo.... my last day here is September 1st. I have one project that I'm going to try to get finished by then, and if not, I'll have to negotiate on a price to finish it off. Another bigger project will definitely not be finished, and I will either give that to another guy to do in house, or it will also be negotiated.

So, it was a good discussion, and ended in the 3 others in the room telling their freelancing stories. I'll get paid for the next month, plus my 2 weeks vacation, and then I'll be on my own. Weird.

Wolford, you should definitely get a swank ass digital camcorder and get back to P-town so we can record our flick. I'll have plenty of free time come September 1st.

This weekend, I order a big bad computer to get my stuff done with.

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