I kicked off

I kicked off the weekend with a kick trip to Bloomington and a lunch at Fazoli's. I wasn't there long before heading back to Peoria, where I strapped on my running shoes and went around 6 miles. I met Brandon and Kristi a while later for dinner at Bennigan's. That night, I went over to Alan's house and played some cards until I went home around 11:30.

Saturday I didn't do a whole lot outside of the usual running and cleaning and various Saturday type stuff. That night was a hot date with Angie, so we went out to see The Longest Yard and get some pizza. Afterwards I went to Alan's again, but only stayed about 10 minutes. I had to wake up early on Sunday.

I started my Sunday by running the Steamboat Days course with Angie and a group of people warming up for the run. I passed everyone I wanted to pass except for a chubby short girl. That one kind of disappointed me. The rest of the day was spent preparing for Alan's (and mine, kinda) barbeque thingie, and finally, having a barbeque. It was good to see everyone in good spirits and having a good time, and it was good to see Amy looking very, very, very pregnant. I got an awesome picture of her and Fabish, but haven't posted it yet because I'm lame. I'll post it later today. Promise.

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