I left work

I left work a little early on Friday after a disturbing email from Jaimee about a broken water softener and pools of water in the basement. The problem was pretty much solved by the time I got home, so I did a bit of mopping, then headed to Dynasty Buffet for lunch with Alan, Fabish, and Angie. Friday night was Kouri's night with the regular crew, plus Dub and Joshy T. I fell asleep at about 9:15.

I took a nice long walk on Saturday, followed by a nice long bike ride. I'm doing pretty good with this exercise thing lately.

Brian was in town, so I went to Kelleher's with him, his girlfriend Kathleen, and John.

Sunday I worked on the comic, then went to Chili's with Bryan and Jaimee, then to Napoleon Dynamite with Bryan J and Bryan J. To keep my review of the movie short and to the point: it was hilarious. I loved it.

And now I'm back at work. And this concludes my lamest entry ever.

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