I love being

I love being a homeowner. I love making the house a nicer place to live. I love getting dirty, walking to avoid new, growing grass, fertilizing, painting, getting paint on my hants and shirt. I love having a gas powered leaf blower that probably annoys my neighbors but makes raking much, much easier.

I love having money again. I love being able to pay bills. I love being able to eat when I'm hungry. I love being able to put more than $2 worth of gas in my car at any given time.

I love my friends. I love how they used to pay for my food and drinks just to hang out with me, and I love that they don't have to do that anymore. I love that they live close enough to just drop by and say hi. I love that they stop by my work and talk to me when I'm bored, and have enough sense to leave when I'm busy.

I love that Jaimee is coming back to Peoria. I love knowing she'll love her new office, even though it's a surprise. I love knowing that there will be someone else in the house who isn't Alan.

I love my dog and the way she eats Lemonheads.

I love Diet Dr. Pepper.

I hate Alan's dog.

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