I love taxes.

Last night I went out to my parent's place to do my taxes and eat there.

My dad was all excited about the TurboTax software he got which made doing my taxes a breeze. What was the outcome? I get a return of $1,600 from federal, and $58 from state. I'm rich. I love taxes. Hooray for taxes.

I watched Survivor. My bet is that Colby wins. He's my dawg. They're only keeping Keith around because he can catch grasshoppers and fish. They need to keep Elisabeth around, because she makes good scenery.

When I got back to my place, it was raining really hard. I love the rain, and I love thunderstorms. Unfortunately I live in the basement apartment and can't fully appreciate thunderstorms down there, so I went out for a drive. It was great. There was rain everywhere, and thunder and lightning... It was awesome. I just drove around aimlessly for half an hour or so, enjoying it all. I went home when it started to die down.

And that was my night.

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