I managed to

I managed to dig up a few portraits I've done from years past, although my best and highest resolution were lost in the great hard drive reformat of 2004. I've made up some flyers to hand out. I gave one to my human resources department to post on our public bulletin board, at which point the HR lady started asking me questions about cost and sizes and everything else. I'd love to make a couple grand off these things this Christmas. I have my fingers crossed.

So I went home and worked out for a while, then ate my awesome Lean Cuisine pizza, then did some hardcore sitting around for a few hours. A little later, I met Angie and Brynn at Donnelly's for a couple of drinks. The highlight and strangest part of the night was when the waitress came over and took a seat right next to me. She started asking us what we all did for a living, where we went to college, how long we were there, etc. etc. It was very odd. Then she went on to tell us how she works 2 jobs and needs to go to college to make more money. We just kind of nodded politely at the weirdness of this stranger coming up to us like that. She was very nice, though.

Fact: I have driven both of my Buicks and my Camaro into a ditch at some point in their life. My Jeep, the most capable in a ditch situation, has yet to be ditched.

Memory: I can't remember if it was high school or the first year of college. Mullens and I were cruising around doing nothing in particular when he got a call that Luke had rolled his car somewhere close to Galesburg and was in a hospital down there. We picked up Wolfie, ate a quick dinner at my parent's house, then made the trek to Galesburg in good 'ole Bluey. On the way, we saw Luke's crappy Escort being towed back towards Peoria and we started doubting whether or not he was even in Galesburg. After getting totally lost in the 'Burg, I flipped a u-turn to get back on the interstate. Bluey wasn't the most agile car on the road, and I wasn't the best driver. I ran over a huge curb at a pretty good speed, which I'm pretty sure made everyone smack their heads on the roof of my car.

Turns out Luke was never in Galeburg and we wasted a few hours of our lives and a few tanks of gas. But it was a fun night.

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