I must say

I must say, The Bourne Supremacy was better than the first. Although I hate it when movies are completely confusing, but then like an hour in, they explain the whole thing. I don't mind it when a movie ends all confusing, because then you try and sort it out for a while. But they deliberately left out a bunch of important information, then just went ahead and filled in the gaps for you near the end of the movie. I say either make it confusing all the way through, or explain everything as it happens. There are notable exceptions (like Memento, for example), but I hate watching a movie always wondering "wait, uh, should I know what's going on right now?". Anyway. It was good. My favorite part was when the guy died, and there was that explosion, and the chase scene.

And then, and THEN, there was Last Comic Standing, with my man John tearin' it up. Gary? Gary? Where the hell were you last night? That sucked! Well, not sucked, but your set wasn't great and you seemed nervous as shit. Kathleen, it was nice seeing you. You won't be back next week, due to your extreme sucktitude and lameosity. Tammy, where do I start? You were funny last night, and for the first time didn't start your set with the same lame "some are in the witness protection program" joke. Why did you wait all this time to be funny? I hope you don't come back simply because you weren't funny for the whole season, but you were kind of a bitch. And then you called yourself hot, which was way out of line (because you're not). Alonzo, I didn't have much faith in you, but you surprised me. Jay, yeah, same old Jay. My vote is for Todd Glass. Oh, wait.

And finally today, kids, there was the storm last night that rocked my nuts off. It woke me up at around 2:30 like a punch in the face and kept me up for 20 minutes or so, with the rain and the thunder and the flashes of light and whatnot. Good stuff.

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