I put my top back on my Jeep.

My top had been off my Jeep since Thursday afternoon, and I just put it back up last night, minutes before it started raining. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but here's the situation.

I was going to help my aunt with her computer last night. I got to her place around 6, as per usual, and let Abby take off into the yard. My aunt's dog wasn't outside, which is odd, and the house was very dark. I went around to a few doors and they were all locked, except one. I walked on in and started calling for my aunt, who I couldn't find anywhere. Hm... strange, I thought. I walked out the same door I walked in, but it made an unfamiliar latching noise as I walked out. I tried opening it again, but it was locked.

I figured my aunt was gone somewhere, and I would just go home and come back next week. But as I walked out to my Jeep my cousin pulled up. Apparently my aunt had to go to Missouri for some reason, so I was going to show my cousin some things, fix my aunt's computer, then leave. But, she didn't have a key, and the door had been left open for us to get inside. Oops.

Instead, we left Abby in the yard and went to my cousin's office so I could show her what she needed to know, then go back, pick up Abby, and head home. Unfortunately, while we were at my cousin's office, it started raining.

I thought Abby would be able to hide under a tree or in their gazebo or something to avoid the rain, but I don't think she even tried. It looked like she ran around like an idiot while it was raining, rolling in puddles and things. She was soaking.

But anyway, I went home and Barb came over, and we just talked for an hour or 2 before she had to go pick Nick up.

Tonight I would love to just sit back and do nothing, but unfortunately that's not much of an option. I have my art class tonight, so instead, I'll be drawing naked people. I don't know if I'm happy about that or not. Probably not.

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