I put on

I put on my awesome suit last night for the 3rd time ever. I looked HOT. And I don't just mean better than usual either. I was smokin'.

I was the first to arrive on the scene and noticed Martini's looked a bit dark as I walked up. That's because it was closed. I was going to call Brandon and Polk and let them know, but then I remembered they suck for not having cell phones. I went back to my car to wait for them. Polk and Jess showed up a few seconds later, and Brandon and Kristi showed up as Polk confirmed we couldn't get in. We waited in the unlocked lobby for a few others and once they got there, we headed to F. Scott's.

A few people left, but me, Polk, Wolfie, Jess, and... some guy whose name I forget stayed for some classy but expensive drinks. Wolfie and I then met the others at Richard's, but I only stayed for a beer before calling it a night. And that was my evening.

And man alive, have I been having some messed up sex dreams lately. I'm not usually the type to have sex dreams, but I've been having them every night lately. They're driving me a little insane to be honest.

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