I spent last

I spent last night working out and cleaning and printing pictures out for decorations. When I saw Wolfie post Paris Hilton's phonebook, I couldn't resist the temptation to try and call some of them. It was after 9:00 and free, afterall. I wasn't actually expecting to get a hold of any famous people, and I assumed they'd already grown tired of answering/ignoring the calls. I thought maybe I would get to hear some celebrity's outgoing voicemail message or something. It was not meant to be.

I was a little shocked as to how many just changed their phone number. Personally I would have gone the Fred Durst route and left some promotional outgoing message, with a request to go to a website or buy a CD. Free advertising, after all. Failing that, I assumed some of the celebrities known for thier humor would leave funny outgoing messages. Nope.

The funniest things were the celebs accounts that had been hacked into. I assume they somehow figured out the voicemail password and changed the outgoing message, so Lindsay Lohan's was obviously a man trying to sound like a woman saying "I'm a whore. I'm a whore. Leave a message." That one was awesome. Vin Diesel's was a little bizarre as well.

Anyway, that was my evening. Calling phone numbers in which I knew I wouldn't get a hold of anyone. My life rules!

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