I sure do

I sure do love Christmas. I haven't updated for a while, so here's a long and totally random update on what you've missed since I've been gone.

Jaimee and I hit up Schwa's going away party, which was fun. Schwa is a good kid, and he'll be greatly missed, I'm sure. Friday nights at Kouri's and/or Donnelly's won't be the same without him.

Other random funness included Fabish's welcome home party, his welcome home Chinese Buffet visit, and a couple dinners with the fam.

I've been fighting off a cold for the past few days and not really doing a very good job of it, to be quite honest. I've had a stuffy nose and stuffy head, along with a sore throat, which is definitely the worst symptom of sickness to have.

Christmas festivities were fun as ever. The eve was spent driving a few thousand miles to Jaimee's family's place, where much food was consumed and many presents opened. The highlight of the night was when I got Bottle Rocket, Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrells, hole saws, files, and needle nose pliers. Jaimee's family is pretty good at getting presents and even better at fun, after dinner events, like the dice game.

Christmas Day was a bit odd for me, since it was the first Christmas I'd ever spent without my sister there, and my first Christmas in 7 or 8 years without Robert. They were off celebrating in Hawaii, so they weren't there to witness me opening up my table saw, antique mail box, tin full of fudge. Jaimee got some stuff too, but none of it as good as a table saw.

Jaimee's gift to me was pretty much the awesomest present ever... a home-brewery kit to make my own beers. Wolford says that's like "giving a crack addict crack", but I think it's more like "giving a meth addict a meth lab". I got her the Indiana Jones Boxed Set after she ruined the present I almost bought for her.

Christmas night was spent at Hoops for the 2nd year in a row with Jaimee and Wolford and some strangers.

My plan of putting all my commission towards my credit card bills isn't exactly working out the way I had planned. The strain that Christmas put on my wallet made sure of that. Now that the holidays are over, the plan should go back into effect.

T3 is a good movie.

Tonight is Jessica's birthday party celebration.

New Years will be at our house this year.

I love the world.

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