I think the

I think the whole "going out" thing was too much, too soon. Or maybe I'm just too old. I'm all burned out on it already and just want to watch movies and eat popcorn again. I've had enough beer for a while. Until Kouri's, I mean. Then after that, I'll have had enough beer until the next week at Kouri's.

Last night I met Alan, Jenny, Thuy, and Cami at Old Chicago, stayed for a drink, then went to Jimmy's to see Phillips, since he just got back from Iraq and this was his welcome home party. I stayed for longer than I wanted, but had a good time. I was still in bed by 11.

I also kicked my own ass something fierce yesterday. Alan and I finished putting together my sister's old gym junk, and I worked out hardcore for like 25 minutes, followed by a 25 minute jog in 300 degree weather. Today, everything hurts. It's been a while since I've jogged every day, and I've never really worked out with weights. My boobs hurt. My arms and back hurt too, but mostly it's my boobs.

My sister is taking me out for Chinese today.

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