I took another

I took another step into adulthood yesterday. I bought a suit.

I have a formal dinner/dance thing with my work on Friday and I didn't own a suit, had never bought one, and didn't know the first thing about buying one. Thankfully, the nice man at Men's Warehouse was able to get me measured and suited up and looking sassy.

I will say that buying a suit was a miserable experience, and I hated pretty much every second I was there. One guy would measure me, then another would come up and estimate what the first had just measured. And while I'm at it, I hated being measured, having strange men hug me to get the tape around my chest and waist. It wasn't like buying a shirt where you just try it on, it was getting measured, trying on, getting poked and pulled for adjustments, then trying another shirt. In the end, it took over an hour and a small fortune to get out the door.

But now I have a suit, and I shouldn't have to do that again for a year or 3.

Then I took a 3.5 mile jog. It wore me out pretty good.

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