I was expecting

I was expecting Polk to recap at least a section of our awesometastic weekend, but alas, he has not.

Friday was Kouri's night with Blandon and Kristi, where I had a fantastic time and Polk paid, because he is the man. I told him I'd see the stand up show with him if he couldn't find anyone else, otherwise I would just go home and go to sleep. He ended up calling me, and I ended up going, and things went from good to freaking the awesomest night in all of existance ever.

The first comic, who I had never heard of, noticed my awesome Super Mario "Power Up" shirt and made fun of me in front of everyone, and I thought it was way cool. Then Brian Posehn took the stage and almost immediately pointed me and Polk out as "his people", meaning huge nerds, of course. It was hilarious, but not as great as when, later in the act, he referrenced something out of Star Wars and looked to me like I would be a fan. I shook my head no, that I don't really give a shit about Star Wars, and he got progressively angrier until he yelled "FUCK YOU!" at me, in front of everyone, which rocked so much I can't even put it into words.

So after the show we hung out in the bar area and kind of waited around for our chance to talk to the guy. He was a really nice guy. I took a shitty picture of me, him, and Polk and put it on my moblog for the world to see. As we were about to leave, I had to tell him that my favorite Brian Posehn moment was a time on The Weakest Link, which was probably the only time I watched that show, when he got kicked off and threw a huge tantrum while walking off the stage. I laughed for the rest of the show. He launched into another huge story about why Paul Rodriguez hates him because of his appearance on the show, which was also more awesome than I can even begin to express here.

So then Polk and I headed to a lame college party, which was fun because of the phone call to some guy named Ryan, drunk Jebediah, and the twins.

It was one of the best nights ever, in the history of everything.

The next night was Oktoberfest, which was also a good time, but paled in comparison to the night before. I ran into Polk again, as well as Cross Eyes.

To wrap up this here post, which I'm sure has kept you on the edge of your seat throughout, I'd like to tell a story about a bike ride, a chain link fence, and how much combining the 2 suck.

I guess it's not much of a story after that intro. A chain link fence was falling apart and hanging into the sidewalk. I didn't see it for some reason and ran my bike into it. One of the wires got lodged into my finger, ripping me off my bike and tearing off a chunk of skin. It was pretty gross. There were guys across the street, high as kites, who laughed their asses off at me and my blood covered hand. Finally one yelled out "Hey buddy, you alright?", sounding almost sincere. I said "Yeah, except I tore open my hand". He replied "Oh, poor baby got an owie? HAHAHAHAHA", and I was all "motherfucker, if my hand didn't hurt so bad I'd destroy you!" Okay, actually what I did was hang my head in shame and ride the 2 miles back to my house dripping blood. It was pretty awesome, and by awesome I mean fucking shitty. I also scratched my ankle in the process, maybe on my pedal or something, I'm not sure. I didn't notice until taking off my sock and having the blood make that a painful process.

Anyway, so that was my weekend. A quick decent from awesomest weekend ever to bloody finger and being mocked. It all averages out.

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