I was having

I was having a frustrating day at work yesterday, making silly mistakes that took me way too long to fix. I left work a few hours early, cashing in on some of the personal time I need to burn up by the end of the year.

I took the extra hours to fix Angie's window regulator, which had broken for some unknown reason. The dealership said it would cost $150 for labor, and even though I'd never done the repair, I figured I could probably get it done. And I did. It didn't take as long as I expected, either. I spent the next few hours Christmas shopping, where I came up empty handed except for the gift for our company gift exchange. Angie made me chili, without beans of course, as a thank you. We ate and watched Elf, which was funnier than I expected.

And this has been the worlds lamest entry. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Fact: Even though I'm a computer nerd and art guy, I'm also relatively handy around the house and with cars. I've driven enough shitty cars in my life to know how to make them limp home when they break, and I'm cheap enough to try to fix whatever goes wrong with them, unless it involves the fuel system, which I don't trust myself with. Similarly, I'll try to fix anything around the house except for water and gas related items.

Memory: I was 19 or 20, and Missy invited me and Mullens down to visit with her and her sister at ISU. We partied like rock stars until everyone except me and Missy passed out. We took a long walk and laid in the grass and looked at the stars. As we laid there about to go to sleep, we cuddled up close and she tried to kiss me. I pulled away, figuring that she was drunk and may feel silly or regret it in the morning. A few seconds later, I decided it was okay and I tried to kiss her. She pulled away in the same fashion. That happened a few times before we fell asleep. Missy and I never kissed before or after.

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