I was looking

I was looking forward to a night by myself. Unfortunately, that's never how things work out in my life.

I had been home about 15 minutes, and was already in nasty clothes on the ground in my room drawing on my huge sheet of paper. A little while later, Mullens called asking to see if I wanted to go to dinner with him. I said sure, so we decided on the restaurant. I wanted to talk some things out with him, but when I went to pick him up he told me his sister would be meeting us at the restaurant. So there went that plan.

We ate with his sister and 2 of her friends. It was horrible. I hate being the odd man out, when everyone knows each other, and I don't really know anyone. Well, I do know Mullens' sister, but she hates me, which is worse than not knowing me. Anyway.

We ate, then we made small talk. Then we left.

I went home and drew my heart out for about 3 hours before finally calling it a night. I've decided that anger and frustration are never good emotions, except when you're drawing. I fell asleep listening to Pearl Jam and had no bad thoughts in my head.

I knew I'd feel better today.

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