I went and

I went and saw After the Sunset last night. Since I'm not sure words can do it justice, my review is as follows. If you asked me how I liked it, my reaction would be to shrug, or possibly hold my hand out flat and make a teeter-totter motion, and I'd make a noise kind of like this "eeeyyyhhhh....". I give it an 8 on the skippability factor.

Tonight is a good, old fashioned night with my buds that I haven't had in far too long. I'm really looking forward to it.

Fact: Ya know how everyone has that one special album that they started listening to at the exact right second of their life, and as a result, every song on said album seems to be 100% related and in-tune with your life? Despite Pearl Jam being my favorite band of all-time, the album I've just described is Goldfinger's Hang Ups.

Memory: At one of my parties on Underhill, Polk came by. We were on my couch chatting with, if memory serves, Andrea, who I hate passionately even all these years later. Andrea started giving me shit about something or other, and at one point said I was too insecure to kiss a dude on the mouth. Polk took the opportunity to grab my face and kiss me square on the mouth. Which means, of course, that both the brothers Polk have basically kissraped me. Assholes.

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