I went out

I went out to my parent's house pretty early this morning to give Winnie the chance to run around and be a stupid dog for a little while. As I pulled up, I saw the neighborhood Chow who runs around seeing everyone in the neighborhood occassionally. They played for a while and I took some pictures (to be posted soon). They looked almost identical, except for this Chow had really, really long hair. Then, the Chow started running home and Winnie followed right behind. I yelled, but she wasn't listening. I chased her about 3/4ths of a mile down the street until the Chow stopped in it's yard and Winnie tried to hide from me behind her. I grabbed her collar and walked her until she started almost choking. Then I picked her up and held her in a very uncomfortable position and carried her the entire way home, yelling at her whenever she tried to move or fight me. So, she's in trouble all day long now. If Winnie disobeys everything I say, she sure as shit better come when I call her. She crossed a very busy road and could have gotten hit. Stupid mutt. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with her.

So, then we went and saw my grandpa for his birthday. Jack looks more and more like my sister every day. He even said "please" for the first time today, and pointed to me when asked where his Uncle Tim was. What a cutie.

Now I'm waiting for a friend of mine who is in town for Easter to call. We're going to drink beers.

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