I went running

I went running with my new running shoes yesterday. I didn't realize what a pleasure running could be! Seriously, these new shoes rock. I didn't think they'd make much of a difference for me.

Also, for the remainder of my Biggest Loser competition at work, I've decided to give up on caffeine. That's something I've never bothered doing, even at my thinnest and healthiest. I always had a healthy dose of caffeine. I was drinking 4 or 5 diet sodas per day and decided that was too many. I'd also read online that caffeine makes your body more efficient at storing fat, which, ya know, is bad. Anyway, so I quit the whole diet soda thing cold turkey, only to be fighting off horrible headaches for the past 3 days that I'm associating with my lack of caffeine. Those seem to have subsided now, and I've successfully switched from a diet soda addiction to a Propel fitness water addiction. This stuff rocks.

So I didn't do much last night, outside of fast forwarding though episodes of Attack of the Show (which, Jesus, that show sucks), and watching The Inferno 2. I was on the edge of my seat during the Inferno between Landon and Karamo and even found myself biting my nails a bit. Then I realized how sad and pathetic that was.

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