I went to

I went to bed earlier than usual last night, and I woke up much later than usual this morning. I have that groggy, overslept feeling going on, which is weird since I never once woke up and went back to sleep.

So, lately we've been having a mouse problem in the apartment. We've never seen one, but we've heard them and see the holes they make in the dog food bag. Yesterday I went out to get some traps and when I got back, Alan had a little baby mouse cornered in the bathroom under a trashcan. We were trying to think of the best way to take care of the problem, and we figured the best way would be to catch it and throw it outside and let it fend for itself in the cold. Neither one of us could bring ourselves to crush a little baby mouse, even after crushing our fair share of bats.

So, we lifted the garbage can and went in for the catch. The mouse ran about 3 feet, then fell over and died. No lie. It was all too strange. Alan said sometimes baby mice and rabbits will have a heart attack and die if they get too scared, so I guess we are responsible for the death of the little guy.

So, we set the traps and put them under the sink where we noticed much of their activity, and by the end of the day we'd killed another mouse. Checked again this morning, and there's 1 more. Humans - 3, Mice - 0.

Although the good results we've been getting either mean we have a shitload of mice running around in our cupboards, or we have the dumbest mice on earth.

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