I wish everyday

I wish everyday was the weekend. That would make me much happier.

Friday Jaimee drove down to see me. We went to Damon's, and I took her on an all too brief tour of Peoria. Afterwards we watched some movies and went to bed.

She left on Saturday afternoon, although it felt like Saturday morning. I had to call Angie and let her know how my "date" went.

I had been promising Robyn, one of Angie's roommates, that I would fix her car stereo. It stopped working for some reason, and she knew I had put a lot of money and time into my other car's stereos, so I was already a pro. Or something. This turned out to be a harder job than I thought. I needed another part, but by this time Radio Shack was closed so I left her stereo in pieces on her front seat, thinking it would take me 15 minutes to finish up the next day.

Me and Angie went out to dinner, and she kept asking me all the details about Friday night. When I started to give them, she freaked out, so I stopped. The rest of the weekend I gave her a hard time about it, but it was all in good fun. We went back to my place to watch some of the DVDs I've bought, but haven't watched yet.

Angie was giving me a hard time because she said I was all optimistic and happy about things. She's absolutely convinced that this is because of my night with Jaimee. She may be right. I'm usually pretty cynical and condescending, in a funny way of course, but not on this particular night. Maybe it was Jaimee, or maybe it was just something I ate.

We watched Dinosaur, but I was pretty tired. I just kept falling asleep. Afterwards, I took Angie home and went to sleep. It was around 11.

I slept about 13 hours. It was great. I sure do like sleep. If my entire life was sleeping and weekends, I think I would be pretty happy.

I went out to eat with my parents on Sunday, then back to the apartment. I talked to Alan a little, and we decided it would be a great day to fix our phone lines. Since I've moved into my place, I've only had one working phone jack. It was in a bedroom way back in the corner of the apartment, so it wasn't exactly convenient. Well, we evaluated the situation, and decided what we needed to do to get them to work. We figured out exactly what supplies we needed, and we thought it would take maybe 2 or 3 hours to get everything working.

I needed to go to Radio Shack anyway to pick up the stuff for Robyn's car, so while I was there I got the supplies we decided on. I stopped by Angie's house, but neither her or Robyn's car was there, so I decided I'd just work on the phone lines until they called me.

Well, long story short, me and Alan messed up the phone lines multiple times. Once we got them working again, we somehow messed them up again. It was pretty phenomenal how much we sucked at installing phone lines.

For about 6 hours, no phone line in the apartment was working. Then we accidentally spliced into our neighbors line. Finally we got everything figured out, and ran new lines to the bedrooms. Once those were working, we pressed our luck and tried to run one to the living room. To everyone's amazement, it worked the first time. We now have 4 working phone jacks in our apartment. Feel free to leave comments about how impressive I am.

Of course, while we were working on the phone lines all the phone calls we made had to be with our cell phones. This got to be a bit of a hassle, as I'm sure you can imagine. Come to find out, Robyn made a surprise trip to Chicago, so I couldn't finish up her car anyway. I left her stereo apart on her front seat. Hopefully she didn't mind that too much. She also accidentally took my toolbox with her, because I left that in her car too. We had to buy a few replacement screwdrivers and things to finish up the phone lines, but that ain't not thing but a chicken wing, I guess.

So, now I can go online in my room, which will be really nice. I need a new computer though, so I think I may buy one tonight and put it in there. Then I'll be all set.

The rest of the night I stayed in my room and called people. It was a really nice feeling.

Oh, and the '1' button sticks, so I think I may need to buy a new phone. Any excuse to get something new is a good excuse.

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