I wish everyone

I wish everyone got a do-over. At some point in your life, you could look back at some other point in your life and think "wow, I wish I could do that differently than I did." Then you'd get to redo it and live as if things went your way the first time. Wouldn't that be great? I mean, I guess it could also bite you in the ass if you did it wrong. Like if your do-over was to spend more time drinking and less time studying in college, which could have gotten you in a serious car accident and in a wheelchair. Or if your do-over was to make a move on a pretty girl in high school, but you ended up marrying her and having a horribly suffocating marriage that ended in divorce and you losing a ton of money and a house.

So you'd have to choose your do-overs carefully as to not mess things up more. Myself? I think I would have charged less on my credit cards. It's taking me years to fix that mistake, where a do-over would fix it instantly. I can't imagine there would be negative consequences to that.

All in all, my life is filled with very few regrets. Mostly because I'm overwhelmingly and extremely happy and content right now, and I realize that if anything I had done was TOO different than how I did it, then I would probably be in a worse place. Sure, there's things I would have done slightly differently, but very few things in my life that I can look back on and think "I would be so much happier and better off if I had done that another way." Nope. Things are good. I'm lucky in that regard, I guess.

What would you do-over?

Picture is coming later. Don't worry.

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