I'd like to

I'd like to speak for a second about my new favorite website, www.allofmp3.com. If you have a high speed internet connection at home, it's worth checking out. I put $25 in my account there, and Jaimee and I were able to download about 10 albums worth of stuff, and a few singles, and use about half of that money.

The weird part? It's completely legal.

Okay, well, it's completely legal in Russia. But my question is... why is America so different?

iTunes charges $.99 per song, $10 per album, and people think it's a bargain. The same album on allofmp3 would cost about $.65. What's wrong with America?

People feel ripped off going to Target and buying a CD for $12, but downloading it for $10 is a bargain? They've eliminated the cost of the CD, the jewel case, the packaging, the distributing, the shipping... why don't they pass those savings on to us? $.01 per megabyte is cheap, but if there was a legitimate American company that charged $.05 per megabyte, or even $.10 (although that's pushing it), I'd pay it. I won't pay iTune's $.99, or even WalMart's $.88 per song. Why should I pay the RIAA's lawyers to sue more people?

CDs at stores should be $7 ot $8. Downloaded albums should be $3 or $4. But until I can buy the album for $4, I'm going to keep buying it from allofmp3.com for $.65.

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