I'd like to take a few minutes to bitch about my current financial situation.

It's all I can think about these days. It sucks. I hate it. Every second I have this thought in my mind about how incredibly broke I am.

I have just enough in my checking account to keep my account open. No more, no less. In about 10 days I have a car payment and insurance. I have never been this hard up for cash. It sucks so, so bad.

See, here's the deal. I've done a lot of work for this guy in Florida, and at one point he recommended I do my own money-making website. He gave me a great idea and offered to front the money to get the page done. He would put up all the money for a programmer, make back twice what he put into it, then hand the site over to me. It was a generous offer, and we started working on the site. A few weeks later, he said he felt bad because all he was doing was paying for the site and I was doing all the work. He said if I wanted to, I could pay for the site and just live off the profits without having to pay him back. I thought it was a good idea.

I had a stellar November and could actually afford the page. I worked my ass off on projects throughout November and December and had the cash to 1. give the programmer a down payment on the site, and 2. live off the cash I made for a month while I worked exclusively on the site to get it up and running. He gave me a due date of January 1st, so I had to have enough to support me until then.

So, January first comes and goes, and the site isn't finished. By this point I was already stretching the last of my month's supply of money, and he promised the site would be done within a week. I figured I could stretch the money another week.

Well, I stretched the money and lived off my credit cards. I haven't been looking for more work because I really want to devote my time to finishing off the site, and he's been promising me day by day that it would be finished. Every day it's "it'll be finished tomorrow" or "it'll be finished by the end of the week". For the past 4 days it's been "by the end of the day". Holy shit. I can't tell you how incredibly broke I am after stretching 1 month's money into 2 months. And still, I haven't been looking for more work because I want to finish this stupid page.

But, I guess it's getting close. Now he keeps adding functionality that I don't want or need in the page when I wish he'd just finish what he started. It's frustrating beyond belief.

A big email advertising campaign starts tomorrow. I may have to delay it. God damn it. That sucks.

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