I'd like to

I'd like to tell a story about Seanbaby.

Years ago, I maintained a website about a stupid movie that got too popular for it's own good. It was published in a few magazines and yadda yadda yadda, really popular. A little brat named Seanbaby emailed me begging for a link from my hugely popular site to his shithead retard site. I told him no, because I was totally too cool to link to his site. I was 16 or 17 at the time.

Fast forward a few years (7, actually), and there's Seanbaby on MTV presenting garbage about video games or some such thing. Ever since I saw his retarded, ugly, mohawked face on TV I've been pissed off about him.

I always saw myself as a guy like him. A guy who did his own thing but became hugely successful and popular because of it. Sure, I had some success with the Army of Darkness site, and even more success with the God damn Nintendo computer. It was a start, but where's the fame and glory I always saw myself having when growing up? And why am I now striving for an 8-5 job at a huge corporation for okay money doing something I CAN do, but don't really WANT to do?

Fucking Seanbaby.

I guess I'll just keep on keeping on, hoping to get re-published in some magazines and hoping to get back on TV again, and hoping one of my little projects gets me on MTV preseting something.

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Fucking Seanbaby.

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