I'm back.

The internet in the office was down until just a few minutes ago, so I wasn't able to update you on the events of Tuesday or Wednesday night. I know, it's sad. But you'll get the updates now.

Looking back, I see that I did a pretty good job of updating you on Tuesday events on Tuesday itself. Not a lot happened.

And not a lot happened last night either. No one was available for $3/lb. wing night at Garner's, so I got some carry out from Avanti's and watching Simpsons. Brice stopped by briefly, and later in the evening Mullens stopped by. He's leaving for Tampa today, so I won't see him for a week or 2. We tried to get Angie over, but she sucks, so she didn't come. But she did make a shit load of phone calls. The things between them I'll never understand. There's all this drama and weirdness. I just don't get it. They need to lighten up and realize they're not dating.

So anyway, that was my night. Mullens leaves today, Angie goes to Jamaica next week, Fabish goes to Gulf Shores in a couple of days, and that leave me pretty much without a social life. Steph gets home on Sunday though, so that's something.

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