I'm bored. I'm

I'm bored.

I'm also becoming obsessed with reading journals on this here livejournal thing that piss me off. I don't know why. I'm up to three, count 'em, three LJs which piss me off due to their respective authors' crazy stupidity, and yet I read them incessantly. It's like an addiction, sort of like Diet Coke.

I'm cheering up a bit, but man was I in a pissed off mood last night. I was just glad no one was around to witness it. I just played some Snood and listened to some MP3s and did a bit of drawing. On top of being broke, unemployed, and in a pissy mood, I'm also feeling pretty creatively frustrated. I get this way every once in a while, and I just need a solid few hours of painting or drawing or building to get over it. Tomorrow, I will work out. Then I will paint. Then, maybe, if I feel like it, I will clean. Maybe.

I worked at Bibo's again on Friday for a few hours, and actually felt like a member of society once again. I work there again on Wednesday at least, and depending on the load, maybe a few other days next week. Pudik also promised me a phone call next week, so I may very well be employed again. Making money. Able to pay bills. And credit cards.

A big shout out to my dad, who took pity on his son and hooked me up with a tire which, although doesn't match in size or brand to my other tires, holds air. We put it on the car, so no more filling up the tire every time I drive anywhere. Overlooking the fact that the Jeep sits kind of crooked due to the different size of said replacement, it's perfect. Once I get a job, these little expenses won't phase me, but shit, that tire situation put me in a terrible mood. So minor, and yet I am financially unable to cover it. It's frustrating, to say the least. My friends can afford to go out to eat, and I can't afford the necessities. Ah, but you've read enough of my financial woes.

I also never mentioned seeing an ad in the classifieds for a comic book artist. I applied, of course, but haven't heard anything yet. Maybe this week. It seemed legit enough, I guess.

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